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Allow for slight colour difference depending on screens

Handmade Unique One-Off Polymer Clay Cutters


  • Material RESIN NOT food safe. Colour subject to change without notice
  • Sizes. Allow 5mm variance for hand measurements.
  • Features
  • This Embossed Cutter is made from resin which gives high detail and a tapered edge where possible, allowing for next to no cleanup. Embossed details are 2mm below Cutter. To display embossed features, use on 3mm or thicker Clay slab. I would recommend using cornflour or glad and pressing evenly using a tile so as to not break fine details to achieve the best results.


If you require a different size or shape. Please don't hesitate to

contact us.


Warning: Please be gentle with your cutters they have a very thin cutting edge which makes them sharp but without care, they can still be damaged.