Quick Tips!

Unlock the Magic of Polymer Clay with These Quick Tips for Using Your Tools!

What Is A??

What is a Mirrored Cutter: These cutters are specifically designed for situations where you need precise symmetrical shapes, like when making earrings, e.g. left & right, pendants, or other jewelry components. They simplify the process of creating matching pieces as you see in this image below.

What is a Paired Set including a Mirror: The image above is a paired set which is the left & right cutter in the size you have selected


Mastering Tricky Cutters: Unlock Smooth Releases!

Try dusting both your clay and cutters with corn flour. Press the cutter halfway through the clay, then remove it, and generously re-dust both the cutter and clay. Pay special attention to the outline. Press the cutter all the way through the clay & give a gentle wiggle, and voila! Downloadable PDFs available below

Did you Know??

How your custom cutters are made?

Resin cutters are more brittle than PLA but that is also what makes them SHARP

1 Large cutter can take over 4hrs to print!

Some cutters have holes in the wall of the cutters to release resin while they are processing.

 How to use your Cutters  View pdf

Du-Kit Colour selector   View pdf

Du-Kit Instructions for use     View pdf

Du-Kit Colour mixing guide 2014   
View pdf

Colour Recipe cutter   makes life a little easier when mixing colours & measuring portions of clay to ensure you get the same mix every time

For lots of other helpful hints try https://thebluebottletree.com/