Collection: Polymer Clay Cutters

This Resin is NOT food-safe. Please specify if you would prefer PLA

Resin gives a Super sharp cutting edge which means less cleanup!

Please contact us at if you require a different size 

What is a Mirrored Cutter: These cutters are specifically designed for situations where you need precise symmetrical shapes, like when making earrings, e.g. left & right, pendants, or other jewelry components. They simplify the process of creating matching pieces as you see in this image below.

What is a Paired Set including a Mirror: The image above is a paired set which is the left & right cutter in the size you have selected

For more info & handy tips on how to use your cutters go to Quick tips

Warning: Please be gentle with your cutters they have
a very thin cutting edge which makes them sharp.
Without care, they can still be damaged.

 3D printed Cutters

Resin Printed Cutters